Using a mediator as a confidential neutral third party to explore the interests of both sides is a tremendous tool for achieving a positive settlement of a disagreement.  A successful mediation leaves the parties with a mutually agreed solution, enabling both sides to avoid the win-lose result of a court judgment or arbitral award. 

International Business DIsputes

Business circumstances change and disagreements occur.  When parties have different expectations the result is often frustration and distrust.  Mediation can explore each side's viewpoint and develop outcomes to maximize the business result for all parties.

International Divorce and Child Custody

Nothing in life is more important than family, and a breakdown is devastating for all members, especially the children.  At TCI Mediation Services, we pay particularly close attention to the needs of your children and look for practical solutions with everyone's best interests at heart.

International Inheritance and Family Matters

Inheritance and other family matters are very emotional issues and it is easy to be overcome by anger and resentment.  Gerald Thomas will work with each party separately to help them explore and find balanced and practical solutions to sensitive family disagreements. 

Other Services

The Legal Translation Group

   For over twenty years we have been providing legal translation services to the Japanese and foreign legal and business community, from English to Japanese and vice versa.   Our team of seven legal translators are all experts, including lawyers and former translators from the United Nations, and our translations are used by various governments and in courts around the world.  When you need fast, accurate and complete translations of your complex legal documents, you can depend on us to get the job done right.

The Attorney Training & Development Group

  We provide Japanese lawyers and legal staff with training in various legal English communication skills, such as giving English legal presentations, conducting video and teleconferences and preparing and conducting international negotiations.  We also support law offices in preparing for international legal seminars and serving as moderators at international legal conferences such as the International Bar Association and IPBA.