Our fees are designed to be as transparent as possible.  The costs to hold a mediation are based on an application fee by each party, a fee to prepare for the mediation, and a daily mediation fee.  Necessary expenses for travel, accomodation and the venue will be charged at cost.

  • Initial application fee:
    • 30,000JPY
  • Respondent and additional party application fee:
    • 30,000JPY per party
  • Mediator's fees:
    • Preparation time - 25,000JPY/Hour                                                                                                                    (Usually four hours depending on complexity of case and number of documents)
    • Daily mediation fee (9:00am - 6:00pm) - 220,000JPY 
    • Travel, accomodation and other expenses as necessary
  • Mediation venue expenses:
    • Varies depending on location - provided at cost

        * Application fees are non-refundable.  Preparation fees, the daily mediation fee and expenses may be                       partially refunded in the event the mediation is cancelled prior to the services being performed or the                       expenses undertaken.

NOTE:  The fees above should serve as a guide.  Gerald Thomas and Thomas Consultants International Co., Ltd. are committed to serving the international community and providing mediation services in appropriate cases on the basis of need, regardless of economic ability. Discounts of the fees above are available to suitable applicants in cases of economic hardship.  Please contact Thomas Consultants International Co., Ltd. to discuss what we can do for you.