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Key benefits of mediation 

  • Statistics show that mediation has a success rate of over 70% in only one or two days.
  • Mediation costs significantly less than civil litigation or arbitration.
  • The mediator's job is to support both sides, by finding out what both sides truly want and proposing solutions that best meet their needs.
  • Even in the event a complete agreement is not reached, parties usually narrow many outstanding issues which lessen the time and cost in court or arbitration later.
Finding practical solutions to difficult problems
  • International business disputes
  • International separation/divorce and
    child custody
  • International inheritance and family issues

Disagreements happen.  People grow apart and business circumstances change.

        But a disagreement doesn't have to be a war.

When faced with a legal conflict people must protect themselves, and this means to hire a good lawyer.  But the fact that both sides have lawyers who think only of their own client means that it is difficult to rely on what the other side has to say. 

        It's hard to trust the word of someone hired to get the best deal for the other side.

        And even more difficult to be honest with them about what you really want. 

This is where I can help.  As a mediator I am there to help both sides find a way out of a conflict.  I meet each side individually, with their lawyers, under a promise of absolute confidentiality, to hear the private objectives and desires of each side.  Then, with the knowledge of both sides' interests, I look for positive solutions that can give all parties an agreeable outcome.  

        TCI Mediation - the best chance for both sides to find a positive solution.

Gerald Thomas is a qualified mediator registered with the Japan International Mediation Center, Kyoto (JIMC-Kyoto),  is a member of the Specialist Mediator Panel for Japan at the Singapore International Mediation Centre, and is registered as a mediator with the Mediation Center Osaka, commissioned by the Japan Ministry of Justice.

Gerald A. Thomas 

International Lawyer
Cross-cultural mediator